Giving Hope

Giving Hope by funding clean water projects for more than 90,000 people and building friendships of peace and compassion.

Remembering Jesse by Giving Hope. View video…

“Deep thanks for the clean water from Jesse’s dreams. Before I had to walk many miles to collect dirty water. I was sick often. Now I can attend school. You are a blessing in my life. Thank you friends of Jesse.” Nakagwe Suzan (age 12, Busolo, Uganda)

Jenny Parker with children returning with fresh water from Jesse's Well Backpack Project

Why Water?

Backpacks for Peace

Every 19 seconds a child dies from lack of clean water. A $20 donation can provide a child clean water for 20 years. Jesse’s dream was to provide clean water to needy children as an engineer in the Peace Corps.  Read more… Children in Uganda often carry their few school items in a used garbage bag. Children in Wisconsin decorated simple drawstring bags with messages of hope and peace. To date 1,500 backpacks have been delivered. Learn more…
Egg Project

Protein Project

Children in communities near
Busolo, Uganda suffer from
a lack of protein. Through the
Grace Weimer Protein Project
a small donation of $25 per year
provides a child with two boiled
eggs a week
. Learn more…

“Thanks for the backpack. Before I carried a garbage bag, now I am a student. Today I play football with a real ball instead of a garbage bag. Love my Jesse friends. Thank you for loving me.” Zerna Namawesse (age 9 Uganda)

International Rotary Logo BoywithsoccerballCropped

Rotary Partnership

Goal Africa

Remembering Jesse Parker is partnered with Rotary International developing grants to fund clean water, education, micro businesses and training. Learn more... Children play soccer with balls made of banana leaves or used garbage bags. Over 300 soccer balls have been delivered to local schools; greeted with big cheers & warm smiles. Read more…
Children in Africa who need sponsors

Sponsor a Child

Jesse Drops

Education is the key to the future. Many families cannot afford tuition Your donation of $100 can provide  one year’s tuition at a local high school.  Learn more… Hand made stained glass and craft items. 100% of proceeds goes to clean water in Africa. Made by local Moms who donate time and materials. Special and meaningful gifts. Learn more…


Jesse Journal Entry – Meet Lamula

We met four year old Lamula while in a thick jungle at the bottom of a valley in Uganda. She was in a tattered pink dress kneeling over a dirty pond, collecting dirty water in a small Jerry can for her family. She was a little startled to see us. Read more…

Uganda Thank You Video

 View the 3 minute video of children from Bbumbu, the site of another new Jesse well in rural Uganda, singing their Thank You song. View video…