Jesse Drops

IMG_2328 - Copy Hand made crafts that give a child clean water, one gift at a time. Meaningful and special gifts for birthdays, confirmations, house warming, Mothers day, or Christmas.Each gift gives a child clean water.
IMG_2335 Stained glass crosses, tear drops, angel pins, Christmas ornaments, and magnets.Plus wine toppers and key chains.Suggested donation $10 to $30.
IMG_2341 100% of proceeds go to clean water in Africa. All materials and labor are donated by a local group of Moms, “the Jesse Drop Moms”, who believe every mother deserves to give her child clean water. Never underestimate the power of Moms to change the world. In 18 months this project has raised over $20,000, giving clean water to thousand of kids in Uganda.
IMG_2343 Each gift comes with a homemade card, completed by a local child. It describes the true difference your gift is making, the gift of clean water and a better life for a child in need.
IMG_2345 Thanks to our local supporters who make the drops available, never charging any overhead to our charity.Jesse Drops are available at:

Gordy’s Floral, 701 East Clifton St, Tomah, WI