Rotary Partnership

Leveraging Hope with Rotary International

Uganda Gomba District Global Grant

  • Impacts 18,000 people in a 50 square mile area
  • Multiplies the power of several Rotary Clubs, a public charity, and local community events
  • Focused on sustainability
  • Local funds are matched by Rotary District 6250 and Rotary International creating a ripple of hope for many.
  • Grant has been developed in partnership with local Ugandan village leaders over the past 18 months and is in the final approval process
  • Over $80,000 has been raised through local partnerships and fundraisers such as the Wine to Water fundraisers in Tomah and La Crosse.

Your Impact:

Clean Water: 14 new wells will provide clean water to over 18,000 people and allow many children to attend school.
Commerce: Provide a hand up…not a handout. Assist local leadership in providing resources for cottage industries such as: chicken farms, sewing machines,  tent and chair rentals.
Education: Improves educational opportunities for more than 1,000 children and adults with trades training, textbooks, and desks.
Sustainability: Reforest 50 acres, solar lights, solar cookers, solar powered cell phones and computers.

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Rotary International & Remembering Jesse Partnership

Current Partners
RC of Tomah– Sponsoring club
RC of La Crosse Downtown– Sponsoring club
• La Crosse Rotary Works Foundation
• RC of Rubaga- Kampala Uganda- Sponsoring club
• RC of Sparta
• RC of Granton
• Rotary District 6250
• Remembering Jesse Parker, Inc.

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